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6 окт, 2008 @ 04:42 Трудности перевода.
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Мда. Под катом можно увидеть, что получается, когда русские переводят с корейского на английский.

There is no sense in talking about what happened in the past regarding the failure of the operation, but because of that everything has gone South including: our troops, supply aid, and even the morale.

Light of Guidance’s Soha has requested dispatching of knights in exchange for the protection of Lime’s followers since the security has weakened so much in Raon after the battle at Sinye Colony, and I believe that there are already some troops stationed near Raon already.

We will run our operations in that we will minimize the loss of our troops as much as we can, while utilizing the remaining troops and supplies and added forces from Raon in exterminating the monsters.
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Date:Октябрь, 9, 2008 08:44 (UTC)
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Жестоко, однако..